A+V Technology is one of the group companies that provides audiovisual solutions. For corporate and social events, conventions, fairs and exhibitions.

We have state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the best quality in our services. We manage every process in a personalized way, through organizational and logistical tools with highly trained professionals.

Stream Studio

Inovation Lab is our technology hub built in partnership with Facebook. In these rooms located in Palermo Soho, we develop hundreds of events of different magnitudes and themes, either face-to-face or virtual. Today we are very happy to invite you to be part of these new experiences. In 2020 we partnered with La in order to take events to the next level, today we are part of this mega project together:

Creative Experiences

360 marketing, digital and innovative solutions for events, a whole creative team for your 100% virtual experience.

Hologram, Augmented Reality, 3D Design, Mapping and more.

Interactive Services

We have a fully customizable platform for Landing Pages, Raffles, Trivias, Interactive Voting and Word Cloud.

We generate a unique code for your event with QR code access.


We have our own staff, logistics and equipment, we specialize in the technical production of your event.

Our services: Sound system, LED screen, lighting and simultaneous translation, whether for a corporate, social and/or outdoor event.

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